Cachly - Geocaching

Simple and Powerful Geocaching

Authorized Developer

As an official partner app of Geocaching HQ we use the API and authenticate with

Pro Offline Maps

Beautiful OSM source offline maps of the globe.

DeLorme Grid

Built-in tracker for each state with a challege.

Search the Globe

Search for Geocaches across the globe!

Create Log

Quickly create your log right from the app.

Live Search Filtering

Powerful filtering to narrow down your search.

Save Offline

Add caches to offline lists that include powerful filtering.


Mark caches with various colors for reference.

TB Scanner

Quickly scan trackables using your camera.

Export GPX

Save a GPX for use in Cachly or other apps.

Text Templates

Custom log text templates for quick usage.

Proximity Alert

Get alerted when you come close to a geocache.

Apple Watch App

Search, navigate and log right on your watch.

Translate Logs and Descriptions

Options to translate to other languages.